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The Billionaire Concierge is a high end luxury concierge service. Members of The Billionaire Concierge enjoy the freedom of getting everything they like regardless of where they live. We don’t just get you what you want but we also get it for you at the best price available, unlike many others.

Our dedicated and experienced team can manage a routine round-the-clock celebrity lifestyle from early morning designer clothes deliveries to a chauffeur driven limo at the end of the night. Where we really excel though is satisfying long-held or impromptu desires such as access to a particular piece of jewellery, a table at a celebrity restaurant launch and a weekend break at one of the world’s most sought-after resorts. Nothing is too complicated or exclusive for our team. In fact, we welcome it as a challenge!

All services are available worldwide.


Things for you

Here at The Billionaire Concierge we aim to attend your every need. If you can afford it then we can provide it. Our 24-7 worldwide service is second to none. Our bilingual team is always at hand to help you no matter where you are.


Events | Concerts | Awards | Travel

  • Sporting Events

    One thing The Billionaire Concierge doesn’t offer is boredom. We pack our sport packages with all the thrills you can handle. We provide the tickets—you supply the adrenaline. Whether you want to follow your team or follow your heart, count on us to deliver the finest experiences of a lifetime.

  • Award Shows

    The Billionaire Concierge has the best seats and the most options for attending all major award shows. We can get you access to all the events all across the globe.

  • Exclusive Events

    The Billionaire Concierge sends our clients to celebrity parties, red carpet events, film festivals, fashion week and much more...

Personal Delivery

One of the most popular requests that we get here at The Billionaire Concierge is for personal delivery of luxury goods.

Our team are experts at ensuring that you get the item that you wanted regardless of where it is coming from. We will personally fly out, pick it up and then come and drop off to your door.

This is a rare exclusive service so do not miss out and take full advantage. Feel free to buy from anywhere you like.

Lifestyle Management

Our team of lifestyle executives include, professional stylists and leisure guides. They are sought-after by both individuals in the public eye and those who understandably prefer to maintain a discreet distance from flash bulbs and video cameras.

We offer a discreet, professional and upmarket styling, entertainment and general lifestyle agency which has expanded in recent times to encompass holiday, travel and property expertise.

Our team is on-hand to cater for any lifestyle organising tasks and tricky last minute demands. No request is too small and no request too obscure.

The Billionaire Concierge FAQs

What countries do you cover?

We cover all the popular destinations worldwide.

What can you get?

If its ethical then we have no problem in trying to get it for you.

When are you available?

Our service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Best way to contact?

If you email us your query then one of our advisors will contact you within 24 hours.