Limited Edition 24kt Gold APERIO

Limited Edition 24kt Gold APERIO

APERIO – from the Latin, meaning to uncover, open, reveal.

This is the model name for Warwick Acoustics’ flagship, electrostatic headphone system and it’s a literal match for our design goal: To reproduce and reveal all recorded audio content definitively, without alteration.  Designed without compromise, from the ground up, the APERIO is a multi-award winning headphone system and high-end pre-amplifier that delivers the highest level of audio performance achievable.  Handmade in Great Britain and finished in 99.999% pure 24Kt Gold plate in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter the Limited Edition GOLD APERIO is not only the ultimate listening experience but the ultimate gift for the person that wants to own the best of the best!

Available in two finishes: Limited Edition GOLD APERIO – £30,000  and  Standard Grey APERIO – £20,000

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